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Baby Shower Themes

squirrel-baby-shower-themesChoosing baby shower themes is an exciting, yet potentially daunting, task. When planning this type of event, a theme is an awesome and fun way to go. Not only can a theme reflect the personality of the soon-to-be-mom, but, it could reflect the gender of the future arrival. Once you choose your baby shower idea, many of the other decisions to be made will fall into place. The theme doesnt have to be complicated, expensive or difficult. In this brief guide, you’ll learn how to come up with a baby shower idea that will be a big hit among all in attendance!

elegant- baby-shower-themesSetting the Tone
First, determine what type of tone should be set for the event. For example, would you like a high level of elegance, or, do you want to opt for fun and cute? The choice is yours, but remember to keep the expectant mom in mind. If you are unsure, simply ask her to describe the baby shower that she’s always dreamed of. You should be able to determine the tone quickly after she expresses her desires.

Accessories, Foods, and Beverages
Now that the tone is set, it should be easier to pick the theme. You may choose to go simple by focusing on a certain color; however, if you want to get a little detailed, you may opt for a baby shower idea that surrounds favorite cartoon characters, designs, and more. For example, if you go for a simple polka dot theme, the invitations, the cake, plates, cups, balloons, and other items could also reflect the polka dot theme. We have miniature gourmet caramel apples that are perfect for baby showers.

Once you have set the tone, determined your theme, and figured out how to situate the aspects of your baby shower idea into the accessories, foods, and beverages of the event, it is time to determine the activities that you will include. The activities do not have to correspond directly with the theme. You may opt for traditional games, such as diaper changing relay races and so on. However, incorporating the activities into the theme may be a fun way to celebrate! For example, if you are having that polka dot baby shower, you could come up with games, such as “Pin the Dot on the Diaper” – the choice is yours! By following the simple steps outlined here, you are sure to find that it is fun and exciting to come up with baby shower themes!

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