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Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Bridal Shower Food Ideas

bridal-shower-food-ideasBridal showers bring family and friends together to celebrate one of the most monumental events in a brides life. It has the potential to be fun and exciting for all. These foods are sure to please your guests and help create memories that will last a lifetime! Here are our 3 top bridal shower food ideas.

bridal-shower-food-crostiniSmall Pick-Up Foods
Some ideas of pick-up foods include crostini topped with egg salad or chicken salad, crescent rolls stuffed with turkey and cheese, cheese poppers, stuffed celery, mini quiches, and onion roasted parmesan toasts. They should be dainty, visually-appealing, and pack a quick punch when it comes to taste!

bridal-shower-food-ideas-monogrammed-cupcakesMonogrammed Foods
Monogrammed foods leave a lasting impression. Let’s say you’d like to serve cheesecake cups at your wedding shower. Simply have a bakery monogram each of the bars with the first initial of your soon-to-be last name for a personalized touch. Additionally, they can add flowers and other designs. Not only are monogrammed foods classy, but, they’re different! Your guests are sure to enjoy the beauty of such pieces, as well as the spectacular tastes!

bride&groomCrafty Treats
Crafty treats are always at the top of the list of bridal shower food ideas. Incorporate sweets that are designed in a unique way. Not only will these innovative desserts draw attention, but, many have power flavors that will leave guests begging for more! We have our favorite, of course, the caramel apple!!! Instead of traditional apples in red or brown, we have gourmet caramel apples designed to look like the bride and groom. A creative spin on a classic treat that will forever remain in the memories of your guests!

As you can see from the information contained in this guide, there are multitudes of bridal shower menu ideas that may be used at your shower. Be certain to include small little pick-up foods for your guests, monogrammed foods, and crafty treats such as bride and groom candy apples to create a memorable and entertaining wedding shower! By using the bridal shower food ideas contained in this small food guide, your event is sure to create a lot of memories for your guests!

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