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Party Planning Checklist – The Perfect Party Planning Guide for Beginners

party-planning-checklistInstead of just outlining tasks to check off as you go, this party planning checklist will outline the tasks, as well as the steps that need to be completed for the perfect party. This is the perfect party planning guide for beginners! If you want to plan and host the most entertaining, accommodating, and enjoyable party ever, continue reading this party planning checklist guide for detailed instructions!

Determine Your Theme
The most fun part of the perfect party is giving it a “personality”. The decorations, the menu items, the games, and everything that is factored into your event should reflect and revolve around your theme. In order to determine the best theme for the event, consider the following:

  • What Event Are You Celebrating?
  • Who Are You Inviting?
  • Where Will You Hold The Party?
  • What Is Your Budget?

The next most important component in your party planning checklist should be the location where you plan to hold the event. Professional party planners say that the location is nearly as important as the event, itself. If you planning on having the party at your home, be certain that you select the right space. This location should comfortably accommodate all that attend, has the ability to correspond with the theme that you select, and is in close proximity to all that you will require before, during, and after the party. If the weather is nice in your region, you may want to consider hosting an outdoor party. Not only does this ensure ample room, but, you do not have to worry as much about overcrowding and messes. Furthermore, you may be able to incorporate a few outdoor games that will be highly enjoyable for your guests!

party-planning-checklist-invitationGet the Word Out
Now that you have your theme and your location, the next item on your party planning checklist should be to get the word out. First, determine who you want to invite and create the guest list. When making out invitations, be certain to use your theme. You should determine which age groups would have a fun and safe time at your event prior to sending out invitations. You should then mail out and email invitations. You may also want to create an Event Page on Facebook in order to get the word out. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to spread the word! The perfect party planning preparations include a well-prepared guest list and high levels of communication!

cat-w-choPlan the Menu
The next item on your party planning checklist should be the menu. This should include the finger foods, the beverages, the main course, and the dessert. First, consider the theme of your party. For example, if you are having a flower-themed party, you will want to include foods that look like flowers, such as decorated cakes and cookies. If you are having a party that will include all age groups, you will only want to serve beverages and refreshments that are appropriate for all age groups. If it is an adult-oriented party, you may elect to serve coffees, beverages, and refreshments that include alcohol. When determining the foods that you will serve, ensure that you either select foods that are simple to prepare or hire a caterer for the event in order to make the task easier. You could hire a company such as Apples Gone Wild to create delicious gourmet caramel apples!

The perfect party planning checklist includes many different components. These include determining the theme of the part, setting the location for the event, getting the word out, and planning the menu. Naturally, once you have all of these events checked off, it will be time to prepare the foods, decorate, and open your doors to your guests! Remember, a party is more than just a celebration. It is an effective means of hosting a social event that will provide life long memories for all of those that attend, and for the person or group of people being celebrated. By following this party planning checklist, you will be well on your way to hosting a spectacular, enjoyable, and memorable celebration!

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  1. Thanks for the tip to use your theme for a party when creating invitations. My daughter is going to have her Sweet 16 birthday party next month, and she wants the event to be themed after the 1920s. This all sounds like a lot of work to plan her party, so I think hiring a party planner to help us develop the invitations and everything else would probably be best.

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