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These apples are the best Gourmet Apples in the Universe. If you haven’t tried the dark chocolate grey sea salt apple… you are definitely missing out my friends!
~Joyce West — 5 star

Not your ordinary caramel apple! The cheesecake apple & dark chocolate sea salt are two of my favorites.
~Christi Donaldson — 5 star

Absolutely the best I have ever eaten!!! Highly recommend them!!! The Caramel apple strudel is AMAZING!!!!!
~Stephanie Thacker — 5 star

I’ve been eating these amazing treats for several years and have to say they are the best gourmet apples on the planet! No joke, I’ve eaten a lot of other custom made apples from different companies, but none of them compare to the quality and the taste of these….they truly deserve to be called gourmet!
~Becca Cullison-Burgess — 5 star

I discovered Apples Gone Wild when I was up at the Nashville Flea Market. They were sampling their Apple Strudel apple. One bite is all it took, now I’m hooked. That was over 3 years ago now. I treat my family and I to one of those wild apples every time we go to the flea market. We kind of made it into a family tradition. Thanks for being so yummy!
~Stacy Smith – KA a forever Apples Gone Wild customer

I won a toasted coconut apple and it was the best prize I could win in the whole world! I’m not a big fan of white chocolate at all, but I could learn to love it very quickly!! I highly recommend Apples Gone Wild, if they can get me to like a shade of chocolate I’m not wild for, I can only imagine how amazing their dark chocolate must be. Thank you for making such stellar apples!
~Brenda Starr – 5 star

These apples are downright addictive. Dark chocolate walnut cranberry wow! Cheesecake WOW! My son asked for another, the second he finished his first. Do yourself a favor, buy more than one.
~Trisha Dingillo – 5 star

L-O-V-E the dark chocolate grey sea salt. I could eat one every day! Keep up the good work!
~Lauralee Hites – 5 star

Our company, Relax the Back, has been using Apples Gone Wild for over a year now to send Gourmet Caramel Apples to our customers as a thank you gift. The customers are so surprised and delighted with this fresh approach they call us and RAVE about the Gourmet Caramel Apples. Apples Gone Wild never have disappointed us. The orders are processed promptly, clearly, and efficiently. The invoices are very clear and I never have to worry about any order not going out. Their product is wonderful.
~April Vance – Business Owner

If you haven’t had an apple from Apples Gone Wild, then you  are definitely missing out. My favorite apple has to be the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, but I’m torn between that one and the Milk Chocolate Pecan, taste like a turtle candy but on an apple. It makes me feel good to support a small business with such a good quality product.

My grandmother LOVED the walnut cranberry apple. She ate the whole apple in one sitting. Thank you for having such a delicious product.
~Kathy Tidwell

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